Chatbot Takeover

Since the beginning of 2018, we have noticed that Chatbots have been a topic of conversation at every single, Digital Marketing related function/seminar we have been lucky enough to attend. 

(we know, we know...  we already behind the trend here)

Instantly, we were intrigued by the endless applications chatbots can have in nearly any industry; and even more impressed by the results that chatbots can have. Average open rates for emails in Australia is 19% (according to Campaign Monitor), compare this to the whopping 60%-90% open rates Chatbots are having, and you can see why we wanted to experiment. 


Using Manychat as the chatbot building platform, we quickly tested the integration of Chatbots into the Facebook accounts of a few restaurant accounts we were working with. The chatbots were simple and are intended to answer frequently asked questions and supply users with instant actions or answers. A user can book a table, ask for venue info, look at the menu and even call the venues directly from Facebook Messenger. If the bot can't answer a question, its gives the customer an option to talk to a manager, at this point one of the Admins to the Facebook page will be notified that someone would like to speak to a human on Facebook Messenger.  

(Believe us when we say this was a simple chatbot. Nowadays, you can build a whole conversation sequence with a chatbot that can qualify a lead, book a table, help you sell a product and more, the applications are limitless)

Through this simple integration, the chatbot is managing to do three things at once

  1. Improve customer experience
  2. Ease the pressure on the staff at the venues (now they don't have to look at every single message coming in out of fear that they might lose a booking)
  3. Grow our database

*A clear Win - Win (win...) situation* 


We know what you might be thinking 'This is cool and all, but how can it affect my bottom line?' 

Well, at least in this use case, apart from the fact that you are making the booking process more comfortable and growing your database (database = $), companies are using these chatbots to sell tickets to events directly on Facebook Messenger, and they have amazing results! 

Example 1

Last year the Australian Open experimented by selling tickets directly through a chatbot on social media, and it managed to rack up 170% more conversions than their other platform, Ticketek's. Not only did the bot sell WAY more tickets but it did so at a lower CPC.

Example 2

A TEDx event, Mile High, managed to receive a 5X ROAS by using chatbots to assist in ticket sales.

So, if you are a restaurant owner and haven't yet thought about using a chatbot, maybe it's the time to jump on the bandwagon. 

If you want to know how chatbots can help your business grow, just reach out! We would love to help you integrate this amazing tech into your business 


Interested to see how Chatbots can optimise your business?

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